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Josh Acton is no stranger to hardship. His story is a compelling account of what it takes to overcome the challenges life throws at you in order to achieve goals. From a very young age, he was forced to leave childhood behind and face the world. Instead of using adversary as an excuse for mediocrity, Josh made it his mission to better himself and he discovered a passion for fitness and helping others in the process. Read Josh Acton’s Story

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“I know first-hand that many obstacles can hinder our goals, but with discipline, belief, consistency, and the right knowledge, we can all become the best version of ourselves.” 


It’s not just about losing weight or gains, it’s about leading a happy and healthy life. Go Hard Life puts it all together for you with personalized plans that include training, nutrition and motivation from Josh Acton himself, to help you get the best and quickest results without misleading guidance and wasted money. With Go Hard Life, there are no "quick fixes" or miracle diets. It takes hard work and determination to lead a Go Hard Life. If you’re ready for real change and lasting results, let Josh help you learn how to maintain a Go Hard Lifestyle. 

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“With all the fad diets, gimmicks, weight loss pills, waist wraps, and misguided and uninformed trainers that all too often lead to confusion and failure, I created Go Hard Life to help people with a strong desire to live a healthier lifestyle to set, attain and maintain their fitness goals.” 


The Go Hard Mentality is simple: education, planning, determination and perseverance lead to growth. No matter your age, background or gender, you can lead a Go Hard Life. As a fitness trainer and motivator, Josh Acton’s passion is to build, educate, motivate, and inspire the body and mind. He provides his clients with knowledge and personalized fitness plans that will give them a new and healthy long-term lifestyle: The Go Hard Life. 

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“Being a cancer survivor myself, I wanted to incorporate something that symbolized the determination and perseverance it must take to battle and overcome hardships.” 


The Go Hard Life logo is a Coat of Arms designed to express the values we hold true to ourselves at Go Hard Life. These are represented by a wing and lion. In many mythologies, wings are not simply given; they had to be earned. Much like health and fitness, there are no shortcuts and everything must be gained through hard work, determination, commitment, and, of course, consistency. At times this level of hard work requires that we push beyond ourselves, finding strength we didn’t even know was possible – the power of a lion. Traditionally a lion symbolizes bravery, nobility, strength, and valor, historically having been regarded as the king of beasts. 


 Go Hard Life is pleased to offer fitness products and accessories,

designed by Josh Acton, for those seeking the Go Hard Lifestyle. Click here to shop the latest GHL Gear

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